Project Management

The success of a project is largely dependent on the performance of the project manager and the tools and systems he or she uses to accomplish the project scope.  The project manager, as the team leader, has ultimate responsibility for the successful execution of the project.  PENN PRO has some of the most talented and experienced project managers in the industry, and each manager is carefully matched to a project depending on the strengths and experience required.  However, successful project management is not just about the manager—it is also about the tools at his disposal.

The tools and systems used by PENN PRO to ensure the project health include:

  • Gated Project Procedures: Once the project scope is fully defined. The Project manager breaks down the project into phases and identifies the required deliverables for each phase. Before moving from one phase into the next, the client and the project manager must agree on the progress in terms of deliverables. Having a clear set of objectives and a checklist to make sure both sides are satisfied helps keep the project from moving to the next phase prematurely, which can ultimately lead to backtracking and rework. 

  • Detailed Execution Schedule: PENN PRO uses Microsoft Project as our project management software in order to develop a plan, assign resources, track progress and analyze workloads.

  • Detailed Cost Estimation: PENN PRO has developed and continually updates its estimating programs with real-world services and materials costs, and utilizes a number of tools and references such as Estimator’s Piping Man-Hour Manual to achieve very precise project estimates.  The process is rigorous and reliable.

  • Real-Time Accounting System: Axium Ajera Complete is the software used by PENN PRO for all project accounting functions. It is used to set up the project cost accounts and track spending throughout the life of the project.  The system offers the client and the project manager a real-time snapshot on spending and budget balances. 

  • Communications: A key to successful project execution is communications—frequent and detailed.  PENN PRO is prepared to submit progress reports or have face-to-face meetings on any frequency the client desires.  With its state-of-the art conference rooms and video conferencing equipment, PENN PRO can virtually any timeshare an idea, show a drawing in progress or review a design change with the client regardless of where the client or the worksite is located.